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  1. Guess I will be buying an Axe FXII XL. At least they have the functions I desire in place and answer your questions in their forum. Primo price but primo gear.
  2. Thanks for the replies guys....still I was hoping for Line 6 to chime in here. Not gonna fork over 2 grand Canadian till I get a definative answer.
  3. Hey Line 6 guys. I am in the market for a new modeler, but I understand that the Helix cannot act as a midi slave to time the modulation and delay effects with my DAW or looper. Is there plans for this crucial setting to be included in firmware update any time soon?
  4. mobomofo

    Helix FAQ

    True...the modulations worked fine, but no looper sync.
  5. mobomofo

    Helix FAQ

    Well if I cannot at least sync modulations and delays to my DAW, it is a no go for me. Glad I did not sell off all of my gear and pre order this beast. I really cannot understand why the HELIX would even have MIDI input if it where not capable of syncing to external devices. I brought my HD500x back to the store for refund mainly for this reason. Geez are any of these manufactureres ever gonna give us the full blown unit we need. The Boss GT-100 had damn good MIDI sync but the lack of proper balanced outputs (NOISY AS HELL!)and crappy Amp modeling made me sell that unit off also.
  6. mobomofo

    Helix FAQ

    Good day...Will the Helix be able to MIDI slave sync the modulation effects and also the BPM of the onboard looper? Thanks.
  7. No kidding....basic windows functionality is not even present in this application. Cannot even move effects up and down in the rack and copy one effect to a different slot. I just bought a HD500x and this is one of the main reasons I may return it to the store soon. Come on Line 6....kick your programmer in the a$$!
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