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  1. hi, Thanks for all your help, mates. It seems that the main problem was the LVM. Once I've left the LVM off, the sounds of the HD500X through the DT25 are much better and more similar to the DT standalone voicings. However, the LVM gave the IV voicing a special character that now has disappeared (and which I loved, at least at low volumes at home). I suppose that in normal conditions where I can turn up the amp loud (rehearsal room or live situations) I'll be able to get back the special character that now has disappeared. It seems as if Line6 technicians have put some kind of added distortion or something to compensate for low volumes when the LVM is on (all the sounds are really different now -anyway, I really loved the sounds I had with the LVM on. Now the balance between patches has changed, too. I had programmed a few patches (clean, crunch, hi gain for lead, etc) that were really balanced volume-wise. Now (with the LVM off) the distortion channels are like 3 times louder than the clean channels. I've had to turn down the volume in all the patches that had some kind of distortion. As for the M-Audio Uno cable, it's pretty difficult to find in my country (I am from Spain), and I would have to pay through the nose for something similar in a shop or loads of shipping costs if I order it online. I was hoping to find somebody that could make a screen capture of voicing IV of the DT25 with the DT Edit (but now, with the LVM off, I think that I don't need it anymore :-) Thanks again mates for your help and regards from Spain Josep Suller
  2. thanks mates for your comments and for sharing your patches. I've tried grandinq's patch and with my equipment it sounds very different from the DT25 original tone. The sound through the HD500X sounds less warm than the real amp. I've A/Bd the HD and the DT25 with the exact settings, eq, gain and the sound is different. I've tried absolutely all combinations (all cabinets + all the microphones) and the combination that sounds, IMHO, closer to the original DT25 IV voicing is the Treadplate + 87 condenser mike + 112 Field Coil (this speaker really shocked me, cause it doesn't have anything to do with the kind of music it was designed for, but... to my ears, it's the speaker through which I can get the most "approximate" sound. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but I'm convinced that everything is properly connected and set (I've read the instructions a few times and I've watched tones of videos on Youtube explaining how to set up the HD500x+ the DT25). It seems as though the original DT25 had some kind of "hidden" pedal -maybe a heavy metal distortion or similar- that gives the DT25 original tone a unique character, which I love!!! I've managed to get some really good sounds with the HD500X + the DT25, but... I'm missing the IV DT voicing :-( Thanks again anyway mates for your help BTW, does anybody have the DT Edit and the midi cable and has been able to access the settings of the DT25 to see exactly what they are using? Theoretically, with the HD500X you should be able to achive any pream on the DT25. Or not? Another thing: I'm using the Low Volume Mode. I don't know if this issue can have any influence on this difference between the standalone DT25 or the HD500X + the DT25. Best wishes
  3. hi, Although the quality of the recording is not very good, to my ears both samples sound pretty similar. I'll try to keep on dialling some eq/drive settings, but to my ears the base sound of the Treadplate pre sounds really different from the sound in the DT25 Voicing IV and I don't think I'll be able to get the sound I can get from my DT25 by using the Treadplate (I think that the Bogner Uberamp pre has more "potential" to achieve a similar sound. I was even thinking about using only the effects of the HD500X (like pedals) -no preamps- and use the base clean Topology I and hi gain Topology IV in the amp. I guess that I still need a few weeks to get the hang of using both things at the same time. By the way, can you attach your patch here pls, so that I can download it and try it with my HD500X? Thanks
  4. hi, thanks for answering my question. I've tried what you said, but the DT25 Voicing IV sounds much fuller and richer than the Treadplate Pre (I've tried changing the Topology and I can't notice any significant difference -even in Topology I -which should be "clean / Fender-like"??, sounds the same. In fact, with the HD500X connected (via L6 link), there's no difference in sound when I change "manually" things on the DT25 (pentode / Triode / Class A / B / Topology). The "light" changes, but I can't notice any difference. However, with the HD500X unplugged, any little change on the amp is clearly noticeable. The Treadplate through the HD500x sounds much thinner, with much less attack than voicing IV in the DT25. I've tried with / without cab and the DT25 original sound is definitely much better. Any other ideas? Thank you very much!!!
  5. hi, I've just bought a DT25 and an HD500X. Both things are amazing, but I absolutely love the "Voicing IV modern high-gain" that comes with my DT25. However, I haven't been able to get the same sound when I plug the HD500X into my DT25. In other words, the amp by itself seems to sound better than the HD500X + the amp. Which is the amp that this Voicing IV on my DT25 is based on? I've been able to replicate the other 3 voicings (so, the HD500X + DT25 sounds almost identical to the DT25 sounds), but I can't find anything similar to Voicing IV (Bogner Uber pre is the most similar thing I've found, but I still prefer the DT25 original voicing). I'm using the HD500X Line6 link with an XLR AES/EBU (as recommended). All the amps in the HD500X are in "PRE" position, too. Can anybody help me, pls? Thanks
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