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  1. With iPadOS 13.5, SonicPort VX and mobilePOD I have a high latency even if I select 2ms as AudioBuffer Size... This latency disappear when using GarageBand built-in amps...
  2. Sonic Port VX is not IOS only but mobilePOD is....
  3. No news... I think we will not be heard... :'( I couldn't agree more with this suggestion (even if Linux should be a priority :p)... Please Line6 is it so hard to do ?
  4. Thanks for your answer... quite disappointing though :(
  5. Hi ! I'm currently trying to get rid of windows on my PC. For now I can do everything I used to do on Windows on my Linux, except for... music. I love to use my sonicport on my iPad and I would love to be able to use it on my Linux PC. I know that there are a lot of Linux(s) distros out there but almost all of them (the most used ones) are based on Debian. I think it would be a (really) good start for porting line6 linux drivers... Can you please tell me if it is worth waiting for a Linux driver development or .... not ? Thanks. Patrick
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