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  1. Hello this is the one i have on my M20d, it work fine and he's available on amazon : https://www.amazon.fr/Samsung-WIS12ABGNX-XEC-Lecteur-Adaptateur/dp/B007E7QCAO/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1523942543&sr=1-1&keywords=Samsung+WIS12ABGNX%2FXEC+Dongle+Wi-Fi+pour+TV+LCD%2FLED%2FPlasma%2FLecteur+Blu-ray%2FHome+cinéma+Adaptateur+Wi-Fi+via+port+USB+2.0
  2. Thank you for your answer. The message on starting wasn't the only problem, the M20d was freezing several times per days and was "hot". The exchange have been done, the new M20d work fine. No freeze on two days working with it, less hot than the first one, it's great ;)
  3. Thank you, I'm not choosing the password, it was include in the network box and i cannot change it.
  4. Thank you for your answer, it's a WPA/WPA2 mixed security method.
  5. Hello, thank you for your answer, perhaps like i'm French i do not explain enought clearly on the first message to be understood, but yes it have something to do with the M20d. To connect the M20d thru my network, i need to put the network password. On the M20d Step 1 select the network (Livebox), after selecting it, i have this page : I press on the Password "Zone" and i have the second page where i need to enter the password : My safety code have 26 letterings. Of course i have tried several times to be sure that i didn't made a mistakes when i writing the password and done it quietly and not quicly. In this several try, i have check that i can see only 16 symbols on the M20d screen : **************** I have already connect lot of gears on my home network like my Motif XF, Xbox one, of course the ipad for internet, my iphone .... Two options : - the maximum lettering is 16 so i cannot put my complete password and of course cannot acces to my network. - there is no limit of lettering even if i cannot see them on password page, so the samsung wifi dongle do not work thru my Wifi network (even if the dongle seen perfectly my wifi home network). The Samsung dongle (WIS12ABGNX) work fine in Stand Alone mode with the M20d and Stagescape Remote. But, to work like this, i need to change on the ipad, the wifi connexion type in General page and select "StageScape M20d" therefore my wifi home network (Livebox). Connect the M20d thru my Wifi network allow me to not done this step. It's not essential of course, but i will like to know why i cannot done it thru my network. Thanks
  6. Hello. Is there a limit of "lettering" for entering password to Wifi network connexion to a box? My host password for connexion have 26 lettering, i cannot acces to it, seems that the maximum lettering for password for M20d is 16. Anyone experienced more than 16 lettering with succes ? Thank you
  7. Hi everybody, new error message when starting the M20d this morning : App returned with status 134. After a restart, it's ok. Ps the M20d will be exchange the week to come, i hope the new one will work perfectly.
  8. Hi everybody. I got a line6 M20d since 2 week. Since some days i have an error message on starting : Error reading button Boot_mode = normal HDDB mode = 0 Kslot = 1 Buttons = System_version = 1.20 System state = 0 App returned with status 2 I shutdown the M20d, restart, and it start fine. Sometimes i have freeze when it run from less one hour, doing nothing special. Sometimes it can run from hours perfectly. Nothing except audio cable are connected, no usb to computer, no usb or wifi, no SD card. I also notice the M20d is hot (temp here is near to 30°c inside house in summer). Is there a ventilator inside the M20d ? I don't feel air pulse on the grid bottom the M20D. So if there is a ventilator, perhaps it doesn't work and it cause some problems. I have add a ventilator outside the M20d back to her, a 8cm/8cm ventilator, it's better for the temp. So if someone experiment the same problems and have a solution, it will be helpful. Thanks.
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