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  1. Hi, I've owned custom $4000 bases. Years ago I had a Variax briefly. I returned to them recently, actually pretty floored by what they can do. A brilliant design with surprisingly reliably great tones. I'm buying used ones where I can find them. I realize that the market was small and insufficiently responsive to them. I understand why Line 6 dropped the line. Still, I hope you or someone continues the innovation and I wonder what you would do differently if you were making one now. Specifically, would an updated model have a higher bit rate for higher fidelity? I don't find the fidelity low. I just wonder if the technology has moved forward.
  2. Hi, I had a Variax bass years ago and sold it, but I just bought a used one. Where can I go for a current guide to using it with current multi-effect models like Firehawk or HD500? I'm guessing the bass model HD pack will work with these. And if there's not a guide, can you give me some basics on how to pair the Variax bass if at all? I'm also interested in whether the Line 6 1500 watt combo amp would work well with the Variax bass. Jeremy
  3. And just to be clear the model packs, including the model pack HD's do not work with the Firehawk or HD500x multi-effects, right? It would be useful to have clarification on this prominent somewhere. The compatibility list that accompanies the model packs does not seem to list any of the main current multi-effect units. Thanks,
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