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  1. Hi uglee, I’m not sure about this, but seeing that you have no replies so far, at least some ideas I would try (I will check put later if that‘s the case on my Bass Pod XT. I usually use it on my Mac via USB only or wireless on my amp.) Did you check the DI/Model setting in Edit/Gearbox? What happens if you plug in a cable to Model output? Are the sounds on both different? Why isn’t a 5-pole an option? Do you need the USB sound on your computer at the same time? For a), as written, I’l look int this later here. Best Uli P.S.: I’ve done so. Yes, you’re right: The moment a USB cable is plugged in DI output switches to model, and it doesn’t matter whether a second cable is plugged into Model output or not. Have found no way to make it work correctly.
  2. Thanks a lot, TheRealZap! This is very valuable Information. I did not pick up the bass for several years and have just started to practice again after an engagement for a theater musical. Having licensed the Bass Model pack for my (Guitar) Pod XT live, but never having compared the sounds, I found that similar setups on the Pod sound better than on the Bass Pod XT live – more lively, much more brilliance and snap. But maybe I just configured something incorrectly? On the other hand there’s more noise and hiss, so I have to use the EQ and/or limiter more often. And the (Guitar) Pod’s sub-octave doesn’t seem to be programmed for Bass signals – I got strange clippings and nothing compared to Crystocerus or Sub-Bass on the Bass Pod. Therefore I was hoping the HD would work better – but an X3 will do as well, I guess. And be much cheaper. Thanks again, Uli
  3. I am still a user of your Variax Bass and a Variax 500 together with their respective Pod XT Lives. In order to upgrade my sound and lighten my equipment I am thinking about replacing the Pods by a Pod 500X. But there seem to be much less amplifier models, especially for bass. Did I miss a model pack like the ones you were offering for earlier models or would replacing the Bass Pod against a 500X mean to lose a lot of sound possibilities? Thx in advance Uli
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