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  1. Thank you Dave, this is the mistery I want to sort out :) can I adjust something on the pod maybe? I see by controllers menu in the Edit I can select my guitar, but only the Variax+Guitar option goes to my amp and i cannot controll the variax. If I change the input to VAriax only, no sound comes out.
  2. Hello Everyone I have a variax500 with a HD500, it is 2015Q3 and I still have no connection between them, only with the interface. When L6 has advertized the HD500 with the feature of Variax connectivity, they basically lied to the customers?
  3. fenderhorvie

    Workbench compatibility with Pod hd500x and variax 300?

    It is not the 500x (can't afford that :D ), the workbench itself is the proper 1.75 version, as the Monkey refuses to install the 2.x versions anyway. The problem comes from the POD as I can setup everything just fine via the guitar's plastic interface. There shall be a setting to adjust I guess. You guys are my last hope.
  4. fenderhorvie

    Workbench compatibility with Pod hd500x and variax 300?

    Gents, I have a POD HD500 and I cannot reach workbench with my Variax 500. It is fine with the interface, but I would love to decrease the number of cables and use the POD's interface - actually that is the reason I bought the Pod500 instead of the 300... Also I am missing the ON/OFF buttons from these products, I have to buy a switchable power distributor to turn my rig on and off if I do not want to crawl under the table each time?