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  1. I tried to do it with the editor software but I didn't know what I was doing. :-(
  2. I am referring to footswitch assignments that turn on and off effects. I will try your suggestion when I get home. It is driving me crazy and slowing down my efforts of getting this pedal gig ready. I was originally going to use a second patch next to whatever patch I was using, but with the amp volume turned up louder for solo's but as someone else had written about, there is a definite half a second of silence switching between 2 patches. Just turning effects on and off seems transparent.. Thanks Dan
  3. I have several patches that I either downloaded or copied right from the Helix. I prefer to use Stompbox mode and only have 1 controller to boost the volume for solos. A lot of these patches are already using several controllers. I read in the manual how to remove all the controller assignments but they don't go away. I am going to menu, control assign, action button, pressing clear all controllers, pressing OK. They are all still there. How do I remove them? Thanks Dan
  4. I got it. Don't know how, just kept trying. Thanks for the help.
  5. I thought maybe you were on to something there so I plugged in the usb cable that came with it and the editing software went back to saying helix not connected.
  6. I got the driver to download but the Line6 updater says I am in offline mode. Editing software says firmware out of date. 1.10 or later required.
  7. The updater isn't doing anything
  8. I just received my Helix yesterday. This morning I downloaded the Line 6 Monkey, which also downloaded the Line 6 Updater. With the Helix plugged to the computer using the USB, and starting the Line 6 Monkey, the device select does not include Helix. I also tried to update the latest driver and it said the file was corrupt. Also downloaded the new editing software and it says nothing is connected. What am I doing wrong? Thanks Dan
  9. So I heard from Line 6 today and they say what I want to do is impossible. Does anyone out there know differently?
  10. Guess my next step in technical support. I really need to know how to do this.
  11. A couple nights ago I used the Spider 4 75 for the first time with the band. I had several patches I wanted to try and very quickly found one I could use for probably 80% of our song list. When I would step on the FUNCTION 1 switch to turn on the BOOST, everything was fine, but occasionally I would step on the STOMP switch or FUNCTION 2 switch by accident, then things weren't fine. I quickly connected to the editing software and tried to change the volume pedal to 75% heel down and 100% toe down position, and turned the master volume up a bit. Just couldn't seem to get the 2 volumes to work for me. I tried copying the patch and add the BOOST already on in the copied patch, but switching between the 2 patches sounded obvious like a brief delay between them. This morning I made an attempt to edit the FBV and swap the FUNCTION 1 and FUNCTION 2 switches because I thought it would be easier to only step on the FUNCTION 2 switch and maybe I could block the FUNCTION 1 switch as I don't use the looper. Even though I could see the change in the editing software (which I saved), the pedal still works the way it came. FUNCTION 1 turned on the BOOST and FUNCTION 2 turned on the looper. What I would really like to do is swap the TAP/TUNER switch with the FUNCTION 1 switch. That way the BOOST switch would be easily accessible without hitting other switches. Is this possible? I am not having any luck with the manual, and not sure why swapping the 2 FUNCTION switches didn't work in the first place.
  12. Thanks Jimmikatt, thats probably how this will end up. By the way, went to your soundcloud link. Nice songs and great tones.
  13. Thats what I was looking for. Thanks for the manual. Is it possible to re-assign the switches like swap the FUNCTION 1 switch with the TAP switch? Would make life a lot easier than trying to step on that middle switch in the 3rd row.
  14. Can you make it so your volume is at 75 with heel down and 100 with toe down, and still have the main pedal change volume from 0 with heel down and 100 with toe down? What manual? This thing came with nothing.
  15. Can I use it to change the boost parameter to maybe zero with heel down and +3 with toe down? Where do you actually program it?
  16. I was hoping I could assign 1 of the pedals to some kind of volume boost but don't see how. No manual came with it.
  17. Doesn't anyone use the extra expression pedal for anything?
  18. I just bought the Line 6 EX1 expression pedal for my FBV Shortboard and Spider 4 Amp. Not quite sure what it really does. I hooked it up and it takes over my volume pedal on the board. I was hoping I could some how use it for volume boost for solos as my feet are too big to press the FUNCTION 1 button without hitting other buttons next to it. Any body have any ideas what or how to use this? If all it does is take over the volume pedal on the Shortboard then I don't need it. I started the Spider edit software to see if the pedal showed up anywhere to edit it but I don't see it. Any clues? Dan
  19. Thanks. That sounds like a good idea. Should back up any ways. I did find that if you select a preset, you hold the shift key and drag it where you want it. Kind of long way when your moving everything.
  20. Just got a Spider 4 75 and the FBV Shortboard. As usual, there are factory presets that I didn't like, so using the Spider Edit software, I copied a "user preset" into those locations by dragging it into those locations I didn't like. Now I would like to move all the remaining factory presets to the end of the banks (bank 10 - 16) and keep the first several banks (bank 1 - 9) open for my own presets. I can't find anywhere that says how to move presets to different locations. Anyone know how? Thanks Dan
  21. Running a DI box between the L2m and the board took care of it. Thanks
  22. Maybe I'm wrong but can't you connect the MIX OUT to an input channel on your mixing board, and get the same tones from the L2m going to the pa? When I connect that way and turn the pa on, I get a very loud hum like something isn't connected properly. What I am trying to do is run my pedal board to the L2m and use that as my own monitor, then run that sound to the pa to be turned up or down with the mix.
  23. Can you have an "A" amp and a "B" amp and have the FS buttons switch between amps? That way I could have the same settings only with the gain turned up on the "B" amp.
  24. I am trying to change the gain on a clean amp setting so I can step on a button and increase the drive. Is this possible with the foot switches or can you only use expression pedal?
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