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  1. I'm not even trying to imitate Vai. IMHO this way the work you do using wah (or volume) is exactly a half; it's just a mechanical aid that *should* not stress that much the structure of the pedal: the spring is calibrated for 2.5 Kg weight.
  2. So I did it! Bought a compression spring 22 millimiters diameter, 50 mm in length and mounted this way It works like a charm!
  3. 1 more https://youtu.be/Bw6PNyN9-JY?t=2m44s
  4. Who's talking about a "wah" pedal?
  5. So shut up and learn from others
  6. Usage example https://youtu.be/kJaixIfmSbc?t=1m1s
  7. Hi! I'm wondering if anybody has tried to add a metal spring to the built-in expression pedal. Could work?
  8. Thanks a lot! Could you specify which are the line and instrument level outputs?
  9. Thanks, but I'm not looking for schematics and diagrams. I just need technical specs of I/O ports.
  10. I don't think there is such information in download manuals section.
  11. Hi all! Does exist a technical datasheet for HD500X's IN/OUT connections?
  12. HI! I've an apparently common issue with some other Line6 products: suddenly, no sound on windows 10! The solution "set default audio format to 16bit/48kHz" does not work at all. These are the steps for problem replication: - HD500X turned off, Windows 10 PC turned off. - HD500X turned on. - When HD500X is ready, boot up Windows 10 PC. - When Windows 10 is ready, launch a media player with a backing track. At this point it could happen that the audio from media player is muted while audio from guitar works just fine. Closing and reopening the media player doesn't work. Disabling and re-enabling of the device still doesn't work. Drivers uninstall or system reboot only solves temporarily the problem. It seems that the problem arises with a higher probability when both Firefox and Thunderbird are running. Any solution?
  13. I'm not searching for a specific sound, just curious about the feature. Why the hell Line6 gives the opportunity to expand HD500X product with a virtually infinite number of new amp models and puts into the store only THREE new model packs? Give to community the opportunity to create somehow new models, at least...
  14. Hi all! Currently the are only three expansion models for the POD HD500X available into store. Any rumors about new models? Thanks!
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