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  1. marcbenigni

    Auto Swell

    Just found Chuskey's video on the subject in another thread. This will probably set me straight. I suspect I was feeding the Auto Swell a signal without sufficient sustain of its own. If I put the Auto Swell behind an amp or compressor block, that should help. youtube.com/watch?time_continue=601&v=tesAnQ8_CTs&feature=emb_logo
  2. marcbenigni

    Auto Swell

    Yes, I've read the thread. I'm having the same issues even just testing, where there are several seconds of silence between notes. Sometimes there's no swell at all, and when there is it never seems proportional with the ramp time. I'll experiment a bit more tonight.
  3. marcbenigni

    Auto Swell

    I'm struggling with the legacy Auto Swell in the Helix Floor, too. I have an EHX Attack/Decay in one of the FX loops, and that's working great, but I was hoping to emulate some of that functionality with Helix effects alone. I can't get the Auto Swell to ramp up in any predictable way; it's like it's not resetting or something.
  4. Hi all, Sorry - I meant to respond to this thread last week and never found time. Lowering magnetic pickups didn't have any effect, so I don't this is a matter of pickup magnets interacting with strings. The problem persists: a distracting little "thwipp" sound from time to time. Either static discharge or the sound of the right hand brushing across the strings, excessively amplified per a "stuck" ADSR coefficient. I guess "it is what it is". Best workaround is to avoid these models in live performance, and expect to need to composite multiple takes when recording. It's unfortunate.
  5. Thanks, again! I have wondered about the height of the bridge position pickup occasionally. I'll drop it a couple of turns tonight and see if that improves matters. Will report back either way.
  6. Hi, psarkissian - thanks for your reply. I think we exchanged a couple of posts about this on Facebook as well. My Variax is at the latest firmware revision, with all stock guitar model presets. (I may have tweaked string levels on the Strat settings, but definitely not on the Jazzboxes, where I most often notice the problem.) I'm running direct to Helix via VDI. Your point about over-normalization makes sense, but it's strange that the pops don't necessarily occur during the loudest note in a given phrase. They're pretty much random, and every now and then they'll even occur in absence of a note (e.g. when the right hand is brought to rest on the strings.) I am beginning to suspect a grounding issue. Maybe the next step is to charge up a battery and retest with 1/4" instead of VDI.
  7. Just chiming in to say I have the same problem on my JTV89F. It's driving me crazy because the guitar is basically perfect in every other regard. But these little sounds come out of left field at random and are enough to kill the moment. I usually notice it when I'm playing the Jazzbox models, but that's probably just because they're the models I pair with clean amp tones most frequently. Sometimes the "pop" is heard at the moment of pick attack at the end of a long run of notes - but not necessarily the loudest of those notes. Sometimes it seems to happen when my right hand brushes against the strings, either incidental to picking motion or muting. The latter would seem to indicate a grounding issue as suggested above. The former almost seems like a buffer overrun or something, but I can't imagine why this would be intermittent on a specialized, embedded system like the Variax DSP. Anyway, I just want to keep the discussion going in hopes Line 6 can shed some light.
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