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  1. I just got a 150 and spent most of the day with it. The 150 has the latest firmware flash, the iPad has the latest iOS, I used a fresh download of the Amplifi Remote, etc., etc., no local interference, multiple devices tested, yadda, yadda, yadda. The amp pairs with the iPad. No problem. Anything that would go to the iPad's speaker or headphone jack gets routed to the amp. No problem. Walk across the room, iTunes is still playing, Metronomics is still tapping the beat, whatever. No problem. It's the Remote App that's driving me crazy: It loses "its" connection at the drop of a hat. Bluetooth stays connected and background apps keep playing -- the amp's working fine as an iPad speaker, but Remote App is out to lunch. Fiddle with the controls, load a tone, search for a tone, cross your eyes, almost anything you do: chances are good Remote App will lose its connection and say "No Device." Indefinitely. Maybe it'll come back if you switch around in the menus and then go back to the main menu and wait. Maybe not. Sometimes closing Remote App down completely and restarting it will get it reconnected. Sometimes not. Sometimes the only way to get Remote App to talk to the (still happily Bluetooth-connected) Amplifi again is to shut everything down, restart, forget the connection, re-pair and wind up in the same circular cluster-morass again. That's the whole point of my post: Bluetooth connectivity is not the problem (at least one for me); it's the interaction between the Amplifi and the Remote App, which is totally flakey. I love the sound(s) of this amp, but until the Remote App works consistently I could never recommend it. I am currently very frustrated and working on seriously annoyed. Please fix the stability of the Remote App/Amplifi connection. Thank you.
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