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  1. Can some of you fine people help me out please? I'm a big fan of Devin Townsend, not so much a fan of trying to work out creating tones on the app! I'm looking for 3 tones - a wet clean, main rhythm guitar, and that huge wet lead tone. I know he was using Mesa amps originally but he seems to be using the AxeFXII and Kemper profiling stuff now. I can only find 2 tones on the amplifi cloud thing, so if any of you fancy putting a couple of tones together and uploading them, that would be great ;) or maybe even giving me a few hints and tips on some settings (amp/delay/reverb). I suppose I need to start trying to put these things together myself at some point!!! Cheers.
  2. My issue is the lack of support or response to any communications. Just received an email from Native Instruments, advising of upcoming compatibility issues with Mac updates, so it's obviously not that difficult to let your registered customers know of imminent issues. Line6 have dropped the ball here and they know it. Maybe they didn't know, maybe they didn't have time to update...... I'd just like someone to come out and make a statement to set our expectations. Not "we know and we're working on it", but perhaps some idea of an estimated timescale. We just want to know where we stand.
  3. I've just tweeted the Chief Operating Officer at Line6. Getting a bit fed up of it all to be honest.
  4. All I really want to know is when the updated app will be available? Recording with my massively over-processed presets is a no go. Great for noodling around with but not so much for recording!
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