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  1. sorin_sb13

    HX Stomp and Boss Katana 50 - sounds bad?

    Usually guitar processor run better in return of an amp. Katana 50 being without FX loop, try to use the acoustic mode with your stomp. May have surprises. Také care with the gain. Around 9oclock.
  2. sorin_sb13

    hx effects to FOH, possible confusion

    I used hd pod and I was close to move to LT. But I realize that I'm not using too much from his capabilities and I spent a lot of time tweeking. Now I simplified all with an analog flyrig type pedal, but I miss some modulation effects. And the best idea to have them without "stepdance" is to have switch block, multieffect...
  3. sorin_sb13

    hx effects to FOH, possible confusion

    For me is ok without amp on stage, I used pod 500x...but my band mates doesn't like the idea of playing to FOH (old style)...my amp is tube amp, engl, has only send/return. no DI out I started from HX effects to replace my pb or to use my distortion pedal in loop of hx, to use patches or only as pedalF/effects and to go in clean amp. enough effects, enough switches, good sounding, a little helix who fit to my needs. Than I saw few good reviews for hx stomp...and now I have to choose.
  4. sorin_sb13

    hx effects to FOH, possible confusion

    thank you. yes, my amp doesn't have out for FOH. only fx loop, but not help
  5. sorin_sb13

    hx effects to FOH, possible confusion

    I know we have different needes, but maybe your experience can be a guide. Helix is too much for me, clear, 1 point SOLVED (neither LT) - FOH, amp on stage not bad if I send to FOH one path and no headache with mic's (but I think this is also valid for stomp); small band still use amps/old style - replacing a pb (can do both) - I can live with less control options (tempting to have few more) - headphones can help late evening/night practice - efects as number...more options with hx effects - stomp is weightlighter than hx You think I'm able to decide??? :)
  6. sorin_sb13

    hx effects to FOH, possible confusion

    Thank you!!! So, my amp will be for stage monitoring in this case, without IR just with the effects. As from classic rig. Big advantage will be the path for FOH for a best sound without mic (because of IR)? And the amp simulation from HX stomp? In my mind was mandatory to have it in order to go in foh directly. Can you please tell me in your opinion, what is better to buy, hx or hx stomp?
  7. sorin_sb13

    hx effects to FOH, possible confusion

    Good morning, I'm thinking to buy an hx effects or hx stomp. Pros and cons in both cases, both cases are ok for me, so I need your help because I am confused by the IR's scope on hx effects and amp sim on stomp hx... Let me understand: If I use HX effects I'm replacing in fact my pedalboard and I need the amp, than mic for FOH. If my amp get broken, IR can help to go directly in FOH? Or I need amp sim. I'm really confused now...I was watching a lot of reviews and in some of them was said that hx effects is not audio interface, but in others was said that importing IR's you can record directly in comp or to play in FOH...so works as an audio interface. Thank you for your help, Best regards