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  1. So downloading XT versions work with the X3 live? :-)
  2. lincolnbrewster.com there's an area on the home page showing his pod patches - i'm trying the x3 one :-)
  3. https://lincolnbrewster.com/pages/pod-patches
  4. Thank you! I'm not very PC savvy so appreciate your help! :)
  5. Hey guys i've been trying for hours to extract this guys patches to Gearbox on my X3 Live but don't know how to unzip these files to move them to Gearbox. I know this is an HD forum area but thought I might get more views here too. This link is where i'm downloading the zip patch x3 bundle. https://lincolnbrews...ges/pod-patches Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Hey guys i've been trying for hours to extract this guys patches to Gearbox on my X3 Live but don't know how to unzip these files to move them to Gearbox. Here's where I'm getting them from. https://lincolnbrewster.com/pages/pod-patches Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. You guys are absolute legends! Cheers!!
  8. Hey guys! Loving downloading tones in this program! Only thing I need help with is my trouble putting them in desired place on the setlist. First patch is good but all the others download over the first one (1A) how can i get them to go under the first one and not overwrite it? And if I do accidentally how can I remove it without upsetting current patches? I'm a noob with the software so should be an easy predicament to solve with your help! Cheers guys i'd really appreciate it! :-)
  9. Ok I'll have a looky tomorrow on the patches. Even when I was creating one from scratch it just seems an output issue. However I hope your right! Cheers will get back to you
  10. Heya guys! It's been ages since I've tried to get my head around this frustrating sound issue. After i've muted the strings and first attack, there's a very faint output coming through that lasts for a second then is fine. Almost a delayed kindof dynamic. It sounds horrible doing a bend so start off lol. I'd appreciate any advice here guys! This happens with any patch. I'm going straight to the mixing board with a standard guitar cable using the left unbalanced output. I'm new to Line 6 products this year and I just got the thing 2nd hand (may have to get it repaired I think) lol thanks Line 6ers😊
  11. Hmmm yeah. Still have to try XLR outputs. I've tried a blank patch yeah same thing. I actually noticed lastnight it seems a signal issue. When i'm already playing it doesn't happen. When I first hit the strings there's definitely a split second of sound lag as it picks up the signal. I bought it 2nd hand-the guy seemed pretty genuine so i wouldn't propose he knew about it. Probably didn't notice. It's quite frustrating. It's just slow to pick up the first signal of sound. May just ring Line 6 about it. Cheers mate.
  12. Nah no luck-should I try the XLR output instead of the unbalanced?
  13. Ok thanks-don't have the liberties of an amp alternative but I can try another guitar and headphones. Thanks
  14. Lol now I have no sound at all😞
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