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  1. sale80

    Auto Swell

    Check this video @ 10:35. This is what I can't get with hx effects. If you can dial this on l6, please be so kind and share the settings
  2. sale80

    Auto Swell

    Yeah....it does the job pretty good, but it swells in very sudden. Hope l6 will do something with that autoswell in future
  3. sale80

    Auto Swell

    Any luck with that so far? I'm really considering returning the unit back because this effect along the a good delay is a must have for my live gigs. I was using rp360 xp, and to get a great swell it was no brainer. Before that I had mooer slow engine which did the job excelent. HX FX has got 3 or 4 options for swells and none is doing the job right
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