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  1. ArtinSF

    HD500X Setup Help

    Thanks to most for the constructive comments. Unfortunately the 65 verb does not have an FX out. So the FX loop and 4 cable are not options. I think jeremybnz is right, I bought the wrong product. M13 would have been better for what I am trying to do. I am curious how are the line 6 amps different from a traditional amp? I assume they are optimized for the HD500.
  2. ArtinSF

    HD500X Setup Help

    Hello everyone. Hoping to get some advice. I got an HD500X about a month ago and it is a big disappointment. I'm sure that it is not the product but my not knowing how to use it properly yet. Here are my main issues. Plug the HD500 into the guitar input on the front of my Fender 65 twin reverb amp Loud hum drones on Strat played thru the 500 into the Fender = tone suck. It sound bigger and better without the 500. Has anyone encountered this problem and found a solution? Thanks
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