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  1. Yes you are right, no tone matching :( But the cloud library has a tone for almost any song. I am just glad that the Jam along problem is solved with this way.
  2. Actually I totally solved my problem. I wanted to Jam to my songs but they were not showing in the Amplifi software that confused me. The solution is open the amplifi app connect as usual get your tomes from the cloud modify tomes all good. them open your Google Play Music player app and play any song as usual. What happens next is the song magically begins to play through your amp and when you play your guitar it too plays just fine. Bottom line ignore the amplifi music player and use your usual music player works fine.
  3. An Andriod tablet is not like a regular computer in that everything is done through apps, so you don't create folders and files in the usual way. There is no my music my photos and the like. The idea is that everything is internet or cloud based. I have loads of songs that I can listen to off line but you access them through the google play app?..
  4. yes you are right, what's wrong with me that I cannot jam along to notification sounds... :o :o I can see them in the downloads folder, but you cannot browse to get there within the app.
  5. I am Using the Nexus 7 with Lollipop 5.1.1 I have a number of songs on the actual device but the Music Library section in the app can only see the notification sounds of the device which are not that much fun to jam along to :)
  6. This problem is still unresolved. Jeff mentioned the problem in March and six months later we are still experiencing the same thing, how do we bring this to the attention of the developers of the Amplifi for Android app? - Anyone?
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