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  1. Thanks again for your input. I will reach out with a support ticket. Appreciate you! :)
  2. Hey there, I had almost the same issues. I kept re-trying over and over until it finally let me update. Still getting some of the same messages you are but it doesn't seem to be anything other than bugs.
  3. Yes, I Have updated to Version 2.50. At 120 bpm, it is fairly locked in for around 29 bars. But as you slow your bpm down, it starts drifting more and more. Down to 70 bpm it gets off by almost half a beat after only 4 bars. The sources I have tried so far are the Selah Effects Quartz Version 2, Protools Midi beat clock, and Logic Pro X midi beat clock. Unfortunately it's enough drift to not only be noticeable, but un-usable at this point in time. Mainly when using square wave tremolos and sequencing effects. I'm also unable to "reset" a pattern on a bar's downbeat by pressing the TAP foot switch once. A feature, that was on the M series. If there was a midi cc assigned to restart a pattern without altering the tempo, this would be extremely helpful. Also, if the TAP LED aligned with the preset/global tempo. (This was pretty reliable in the M series pedals). As of now, it drifts. Also, If the HXFX unit could tell us (confirm) what tempo it is tracking and receiving from the external clock source, this would be immensely helpful. This is a terrific unit. I would love to see these features added as I'm sure many day-to-day users would. It would be very useful. Thanks for your time!
  4. First off, really excited about this product. Thank you. I am looking forward to it's future. With that being said, I have a few major concerns when using this in a professional setting. 1.) HX Effects still seems to have the same problem that the M Series boxes had with receiving Midi Clock and using it correctly. When using the HX effects in a recording situation, it simply doesn't stay with the click long enough to be useful. It will either waver, or just not accept the correct tempo. With this being the case, the great time based effects are rendered somewhat useless. :(. I was really looking forward to this problem being fixed. Will this issue be fixed in the near future? In addition to not accepting/outputting the Midi clock correctly: 2.) The tap tempo LED shows no point of reference. It just blinks on and off in no appropriate tempo. 3.) The is no BPM readout when sending an external clock to the HX Effects unit. It just reads "Extrnl." This would be ok if the first issue addressed above didn't exist. In addition: it would be great to have an assigned midi cc to restart pattern effects from the top of their phrase without altering the tempo information.
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