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  1. Can the Sonic Port VX simultaneously record from two or three inputs? I read in an earlier forum post that the toggle lets you choose only one input at a time. I wanted to know if it would be possible, perhaps via a firmware hack, to enable all three inputs for simultaneous recording? Here's my user story: I'm a general aviation pilot (I fly little single-engine airplanes), and I record my flights via GoPro and iPhone devices. Lately, I've been strea-ming my flights on Periscope, and when Facebook Live is made public I'll be using that as well. I'm one of thousands of pilots around the world who do this for fun. To see how this all works check out some of the Facebook Live recordings on https://www.facebook.com/CirrusPilot (not my site). One of the limitations when you do recordings like this is that you have to choose between recording the in-cockpit noise (engine sounds, etc.) and recording the radio communications. Most pilots choose to record just the radios, but this means that you only hear sound when pilots or Air Traffic Control are speaking. What's a shame is that when you do this kind of recording you really want to record the cockpit sounds for background effect (at low volume), and have the radio sound come in (at full volume). The only way to really get your recordings to have this effect is in post-production, which rules out using it live for Periscope and Facebook Live. It would be awesome if Sonic Port VX could simultaneously take input from the Guitar port and the built-in microphone, along with some adjustment mechanism to control the volume of the microphone. If Sonic Port VX could be used like this, I think you'd get a lot of pilots buying it. Sincerely, Hans ps: With li-ve strea-ming becoming ever more popular, I can easily see a market for this functionality outside of aviation. Anywhere someone might want to record background sound with the microphone and simultaneously add higher-quality audio via the AUX or Guitar jacks
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