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  1. Finally go it up and running. Installed the latest drivers uning the AISO divers and Line 6 PC updater. His should not have to be so difficult just to update the firmware. Thank god that's over, for now, until the next update.
  2. Finally! Thanks a lot for the help Triryche. I paired an iPad to the Amplifi as even though all four lights were flashing, the bluetooth was working (BTW this did not work with my Android phone which is on Lollipop). Then from the device flash screen I downgraded the firmware to 1.0. Weird thing which has been mentioned before is that even though it's an Amplifi 150, it shows up on the bluetooth as a 75. I'll try updating the amp the standard way now by connecting my laptop to it and using the Line 6 updater PC application. Will update on the results once it's done! Cheers
  3. Thanks Triryche but the app now does not detect any Amplifi amp. It was working absolutely fine earlier using the same phone and the latest app. The only issue I kept having is frequent BT disconnects which is why I wanted to update the firmware.
  4. Hi there! I wanted some help on a corrupt install. I installed an update from my phone via bluetooth but the install got interrupted half-way. Now the amp won't be detected by my PC (using the Line6 update software) or respond to any inputs. It just shows all the patch lights as on (A,B,C,D). Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you
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