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  1. so for anyone out there looking for the answer, the key is to not have workbench open at the same time.
  2. here's my plink. https://instaud.io/Ykc Cali rhythm II standard tuning 0 :00- 00:32 - tuning knob set to standard, palm mute test 00:37 - 1:04 – tuning knob 2 steps down 1:04 – 1:24 - baritone on tuning knob 1:24 –2:06 - octave 2:06 2:21 chugging all open strings. Plinking coming from Open D string (4th string) right hand palm is not pushing on bridge or piezos. But when attempting to mute sound, plink noise happens. Mainly on that 4th d string. Happens distorted tones through helix and ligher ones like the cali rhythm II with or without overdrive. This Is just the preset that comes with the helix. I have not made any custom patches. I also used monkey to reupdate the variax shuriken hoping that would fix it. It deleted all my settings, so I thing that that was supposed to happen, but sadly the plink remained. I’m trying to minimize it with my playing but, its pretty piercingly loud. I recorded with a modest omega lexicon interface into logic. I hope this helps.
  3. Hi everyone - I would like to make sure my guitar is renewed because I've been messing around with workbench and in my attempt to learn how this guitar works with the software, I changed things around. I find the instructions are very vague on how to do this. So i have the cable and the usb interface thing. I plug from my variax guitar into that usb interface, which goes into my computer. I plug in a 1/4 inch jack to activate the battery. I also downloaded line6 monkey. it doesn't seem to recognize my variax guitar. workbench does though. Through line 6 monkey, I see two choices:Line 6 monkey or work bench as the applications and their current/newest firmware editions. Im pretty sure here is where I update my variax guitar. But I can't get it to show up in this box for monkey. Am I doing this right? I am not going through the helix, I am using the USB connector into the computer.
  4. i see so from a .46, you went to a thicker .52 for the lower e string. Is that the fix here? would going from a .10 set that it is now to a .11 daddario set fix things? I have no idea.
  5. yes, i did find this particular thread.. wow 25 pgs long! crazy. I notice this plink in baritone/dropA or octave mode not on the 6th string, but on the 4th/d instead. weird. thank you for replying.
  6. Hi, first time poster here. I plug my shuriken into the helix. when using a distorted preset such as the panama, and the shuriken is set to octave, I notice a high pitched plinking/high note noise when palm muting the 4th string the open D. No matter how I palm mute, where I put my palm, I hear it very loudly. The actual note is hidden behind the high note plinking. When I palm mute the other strings in this same setting, the octave down note comes out clearly. Its just mainly this open D string. as soon as I fret a note on the D string, it seems to work fine. Does anyone else notice this?
  7. that is a strange situation. Does it get better when you flip the switch off and on again? Does this happen often?
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