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  1. Update... the issue cleared up on it's own for awhile and has recently started up again, although this time instead of increasing the mix level it is dropping it to 3-6%. I did try the fx knob/Bluetooth off suggestion as mentioned be djcanilla which didn't work in my case. So I hooked up my ipad via Bluetooth to try to adjust the mix level when it changed and do a resave to the patch... o-boy what happen next was a mystery, I tap the patch footswitch to do the resave and while doing so the mix level changed/dropped and the LED screen just keep flashing and wouldn't do the patch save when holding down the footswitch, just kept flashing no matter what I did or what other footswitch I tried. So I shut the unit off, waited a bit, turned it back on and the mix level was set at where I changed it to and is holding so far. I tried other patches and the mix level isn't changing on any of them either, so do I trust it, NO!
  2. Got a new problem and I'm wondering if anyone else has this happening? My delay and chorus mix level is changing all on its own, it'll jump from my setting of between 27% - 33% to 47%ish, I see the value change on the master wheel as the LED's change white well the mix level is going up, as well I verify with my app, either on my iPad or iPhone... the mix level is changing all on it's own. Also the volume pedal is no longer a volume pedal (at times) and when used it'll cause the same problem and NO I don't have the volume pedal assigned to do a value change, I have a set mix level that is changing all on it's own. This is very noticeable when it changes the repeats are so loud they jumps out at you. If I step on the patch footswitch the settings go back to my settings, so thankfully the changes aren't saved, I do keep an app opened though so I can keep an eye on it as I do use it live in a Church setting where I can't use an amp. Called L6, they were very awesome and helpful, and I was told to try a reinstall, which I haven't done as of yet... Pete at L6 also told me he has never had this problem reported to him, so I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this happen and if so were you able to fix it, if you did fix it please share this info. Overall I do love the unit and the ease of editing, hope this isn't the beginning of the end.
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