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  1. Hi Jeff, do you resolve the Issue? I have the saim problem you have. Please I need Help. Thanks
  2. Hi, I have an issue with my amp, I have a Spider IV 120 (2x10) and the left speaker practically does not have a sound, only if I turn all the master vol up sound a little. My first think is ok the speaker is bad, so I disconnect the othe speaker and interchanged the wires, of course checking the polarity is ok. In this case the left speakers sound perfect and the rigth BAD. That makes me think that is a wire problem or a electronic issue on the main board of the amp. I inspect visually the main board and everything looks great nothing burn, all the transistors and capacitors look normal. I did a factory reset too, but nothing works. Anyone have this problem? What I have to do? How I can resolve? I Appreciate your help, and I am sorry about my english I am from another country so please understand me. Thanks
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