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  1. Sdzimmerman Sounds like a way better candidate than trump. Whaddusay? Sdzimmerman 2016?!
  2. So, the recommended course is to not update our iOS devices? You can't seriously offer that advice when your products aren't free, or of cheap quality. You're a major player in this game. The solution is to rollback our beloved iOS devices? We're to stay backdated because Line 6, NOT APPLE!, didn't prepare for a iOS upgrade? Did come as a surprise, this update? I can't think of a time since the 3GS has been launched that I didn't look forward, losing sleep, counting the days, hours, minutes, even seconds waiting for Apple to release an update. It's a thing now. Developers get these beta Dev kits to build and test their apps. There's time. It shouldn't be a shocker at this point. I'm upset that this issue isn't something talked about outside this forum. I walked into guitar center yesterday and dropped $630 bucks on not only the Amplifi 150, but the three year coverage plan. Only to find out that my iOS devices, plural, are not compatible...? Really?! And there's people on here defending Line 6? They're working on it... Smh!
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