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  1. Thanks again, Jim. For the record, in case anyopne else is investigating the topic, my remote app seems to be different, but I was eventually able to get it to do what I wanted. This is running the app on a Nexus 10 tablet... Under "My Tones" there was a "Send to Hardware" option in the top right corner of trhe screen that I was able to use. (I didn't notice that option when running the app on my Galaxy S5 for some reason...) I also learned that after selecting "Amplifi" under tones, the tones in the different "banks' become visible. I was able to drag tones to different positions in different banks after selecting the icon at the top that looks like a horizontal bar chart.
  2. Thanks for your reply, Jim. Am I understanding you correctly, that there's a way to save to the presets from the remote app? I missed that. Can you tell me the steps involved? I was trying to use the procedure described in the "pilot's guide" - holding the preset select button until the preset A LED flashes, etc..... but it never blinks. It would be great if I didn't have to have my phone with me every time I power up the amp, to get tones I find useful.
  3. It would be great if it powered up with the volume and tone it had when it was powered down.
  4. Trying to use my Amplifi 75 again after some time away.... Updated to 2.50.2 via USB connection from a laptop running Windows 10. Updated the remote app running on my Samsung Galaxy S5 to 2.50.1. Performed a factory reset by holding the tone button and pressing in the volume knob while powering it up and waiting for the A preset light to stop blinking. Re-established the Bluetooth connection. The amplifi app on my Galaxy shows the version information I've cited above and I can successfully select different tones for the amp from my phone. But when I try to store something I've sent as a preset to the 75 by holding down the tone button nothing happens. The tone button works properly for changing between the presets, just not for storing a new one. I cannot store a new tone after modifying one of the presets using the controls on the amp itself either. Are there some magic steps needed to make these presets over-writable that I am missing? Any suggestions for debugging this?
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