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  1. I have the Line 6 Updater installed on my Mac along with the Helix App. The Helix app recognizes my Helix, and I was able to back up my presets. But the Updater just has a blank black page that says "Select Device to Update" and nothing else. It does not seem to recognize my Helix. Any ideas?
  2. Hey guys, I'm using the Helix in conjunction with my RC300 looper to play solo gigs. I want to take full advantage of the midi capabilities of both pedals, but I have a very basic understanding of what those capabilities actually are. Right now, I have the Helix sending PC changes to the RC300. Thathe was easy. Now I want the Helix tempo to match the tempo of each RC300 patch. Is that possible? Also wondering if there was a way via Midi to use the RC300 expression pedal to control a Helix effect? That would preclude the need for another pedal in my rig. I know a lot of this involves understanding the RC300 which is not what this forum is about. But just in general, is it possible?
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