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  1. i have it working on a PC by installing the Android Operating system on an old windows laptop with bluetooth. Note your laptop will NOT have windows on it after this process. 1. download the android OS from the link in the video below 2. put that android os on a thumb drive 3. put the thumbdrive in the laptop 4. power up the laptop and make sure you boot from the thumb drive 5. install the android os on the laptop from the thumb drive 6. restart the laptop when finished 7. log onto the android laptop, connect to your network (wifi or ethernet cable) 8. go to the google play store and download the amplifi software (app) 9. connect the amplifi app to your amplifi tt 10 now you can control your amplifi products (i only have the TT) with your laptop here is a video on how to with the links to download the android software and the software to put the android os on a thumb drive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-09BLe59uSs please send me a message and i will gladly try to help PS i've been using this for awhile and it works fine. it is a little slower than just using an android tablet. also you can get android tablets for $50 at walmart and they work just fine
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