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  1. hi - i am new to this type of gtr so understand my situation after losing a day to understand how that work! i bought a jtv69 from MF that i got today - i plugged (without charging) the battery inside, i plugged a 1/4" ts cable into my console and nothing turns on (not modeling not quick tuning) - pickups sound rad, so the gtr is amplified. i am charging the battery but it flash between 25 second sometimes 1 light and other times 2 (not a continous red light as line 6 say on his tech sheet- mf doesnt know what to say nad gear heads seems never touched a guitar before) i connected the workbench-usb interface but this flash red light too. mf doesnt know what to say and gear heads seems more lost than me ( thanks mf for the great tech-support you have!!!!!) do you guys think it's my missing or a bad battery? thanks -fc
  2. hi - i just got a jtv69 from mf,i plugged the battery inside a 1/4 ts to an active console/mixer but nothing happen - i move the knobs and nothing turn on. the guitar sound good and picks are amplified but variax is not working. i am just trying to charging the battery but the charger doesnt give a continued red light (as line says to be in a charger mode) but double red lights that comes and goes every 25 seconds. also i tried to connect the guitar to the workbench usb interface but again, it gives an intermittent red light. do you guys know something more about that situation? bad battery? thanks
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