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  1. This just started happening to me recently. It makes me sad seeing now answer on a thread this old. I also have the added issue where my delay mix % will keep reseting its value to wherever it was left even on a brand new patch. So now it is impossible for me to adjust the delay mix volume on my Firehawk 1500. Kind of a deal breaker.
  2. Alright quick update: After looking into this further it is just the delay mix volume that seems to reset itself. It also seems to jump back and forth a percent or 2 on its own. The other issue is that when activating the tuner on the amp it will kick itself out sometimes instantaneously and sometimes as long as 20 seconds before getting kicked out. It is really annoying and I can't figure out why these two settings are the only ones affected as far as I can tell. I have tried factory reseting the amp, disconnecting my FBV3 foot-controller, adjusting with and without the app, making an entirely new preset; nothing seems to help. Anyone else dealing with this issue?
  3. Alright so this is a recent issue that started for me and it is driving me up a wall. Lately whenever I try to adjust any parameter on a patch like say the delay volume it will revert back to its previous volume setting after a random number of seconds. Sometimes its immediately after dragging the slider on the app or sometimes it take about 5 seconds but it will always revert back to original setting for that parameter. Today I just noticed it is doing this for the tuner as well. I will try and select the tuner to tune my guitar and it will jump out after a few seconds just like the other settings. I tried using the buttons on the amp itself thinking it might be an app problem but even the amp itself after holding down the button will kick me out of tuning mode automatically after a few seconds. Please tell me there is some setting I accidentally turned on that is causing this. I am worried if this is a software issue it will likely never get fixed since we are expecting no new updates.
  4. Just got this app on my new M1 Mac mini using iMazing, but for some reason the bluetooth will only work as a bluetooth speaker and will not be recognized inside the app. Hoping someone smarter than me can figure out how to get around this.
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