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  1. Hey, Line 6!? I am a long time user of your products, (have not registered them all yet though.). ha but.. my new Firehawk 1500, ...(had for 6 months or so)... love this amp.. i use it for everything.. Deal is.. it is a great piece of kit... But.. I think we REALLY need an editor on our computers, (mac or pc) not just mobile.... can you provide that? I mean... that is all i would need to keep this in my little studio. It is a versatile piece of equipment. i use it as is. (models amps fx etc) as well as an FRFR with Kemper and various plug-ins in the daw. through fx loop etc. even mix them all.... Its just the hardware features looked great....so.. I dropped $1000 for this amp via Sweetwater... (and mistakenly assumed from your previous products that i'd have driver/interface support with an actual computer, like with the UX2 etc) its modern, and the mobile client is great.. but.. please give me an interface to use on the mac/pc... hell.. if nothing else.. ..hell i am coder of 20+ years.. in every language... drop me some dev assemblies and i'd write it for you. ok? thanks.. dedicated fan since the original pod, pod farm - 2.5... and all the nicely polished stuff you guys put out.
  2. I bought this pedal to use with logic pro x/mainstage to use in controling my plugins, it works great. My question is. Is there anyway to send midi?/data back to the pedal to maintain synch status led when turning on and off different effects? As I switch through patches, i cannot maintain synch of led, I am a programmer. so i could write a midi? plugin just or this, if necessary. Anyway, any ideas/expanded technical details would be great. Thanks
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