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  1. Thanks Shawn Appreciate that.
  2. Hi all, I know this isn't what this thread is about. I'm really struggling to find a set-up that works well with the Marshall JVM 410H. My JVM is about 4-5 years old and it wouldn't work with a TC G-System via the four cable method. It doesn't like my TC Nova System in the loop either. The only way I have been able to get a good sound is by using stompboxes. However, we play lots of covers and I need a wide range of sounds and effects. If I use stompboxes I'm tap dancing all night. I thought about a boss ES-8 to control the pedals and switch the amp but people are having lots of trouble with the midi switching. Here are a few questions... 1) Does the Helix work with the JVM via the 4 cable method? 2) Is it plug and play? 3) Is there any tone suck? 4) Does the midi switching work? I'd really appreciate any answers, help or advice guys. None of the guitar shops in my country keep the Helix in stock so I can't go in and test it with my amp.
  3. drjs83

    Helix with JVM410h

    Just wondered if you have any more feedback on the Helix with the JVM?
  4. drjs83

    Helix with JVM410h

    Thanks ringo05! It's great to hear that you are having some success. I thought about buying a Boss ES-8 to control my rig and stompboxes, but I've seen a few posts where people are having trouble getting them to switch the JVM. That's why I'm asking questions about the Helix before I take the plunge. I may have to ask you a few questions when I get my hands on a Helix! Just need to sell the G-System to make room!
  5. drjs83

    Helix with JVM410h

    Hey Just wondered if anyone is using a Line 6 Helix with their JVM? I had so much trouble with my G-System that it is up for sale and I'm thinking about a Helix. I was hoping to use the JVM gain and connect the Helix via the 4cable method. I would like to send the delays/reverbs through the fx loop. Would just like to hear some feedback from anyone who is using a Helix with a JVM via the 4 cable method. Do you need to use hum destroyers or line level shifters. The JVM fx loop and the G-System just couldn't agree with each other! My JVM is probably a PC only Midi version. Thanks
  6. I used to play in a Classic Metal/Rock band and all I needed was my Marshall JVM410, the amp Footswitch, a delay, a reverb, a chorus and a noise gate. I managed to create a rig that I was 100% happy with and didn’t change anything for 3 years. I now play in an events band and need a much more versatile rig. I purchased a TC Nova system and use it in front of the amp but I am not happy with the drive sounds. I bought a G-System (2nd hand) as it would enable me to use my JVM for drive and the 4 cable method would allow me to put the appropriate effects in the loop and others in the front. Unfortunately the JVM does not like the G-System at all! FX Loop issues which are well documented online have made setup virtually impossible! Here is my question. The G-System is perfect in theory because: I can use the JVM for drive and switch between the 12 gain stages using MIDI from the G System. I can call up presets and then add/remove fx within each preset. (This is huge for me!) I can use the 4CM for correct routing. But I cannot get the G-System to work! Can I use the Helix in the same way I would like to use the G-System? Can I assign one row of buttons on the Helix to presets and another row to the FX within that preset? Can one of the buttons be assigned to be a boost? Sorry for my lack of knowledge. I have done nothing but watch videos on the Helix, the Fractal FX8 etc.
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