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  1. Guitar player, Not sure what a BT identifier is, but thanks. I thought my iPhone said "Amplifi 150" at one point. So I assumed it was the model.
  2. Anybody else having this issue (or is it supposed to be that way?) 1) I pair up my Amplifi 150 with either my iPad or my iPhone. 2) Start up the remote app 3) Go to the drop down box in the upper left corner 4) It shows my device as "Amplifi 75" Maybe it doesn't matter, but I don't know either way.
  3. Dartjohn

    Functionality With Fbv Shortboard Mk Ii

    I get a loud noise when I switch from one preset bank to another on my FBV short board MKII. I had the same issue with the pod hd 500x that I had before. Any suggestions to eliminate that?