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  1. I had an issue which sounds similar to the OP. After "upgrading" Windows 7 to Windows 10 I was no longer able to record due to random muting of the signal being sent to my recording software (I was still able to hear the signal while playing, it just wasn't all being recorded). I determined this to be a Windows 10 issue by watching it mute/unmute in the OS settings for "recording devices" at random while I played. After various attempts to resolve the issue I went back to Windows 7 (unfortunately, 30 days had passed and Windows 10 had deleted my Windows 7 rollback files so I had to do a fresh install).
  2. I'm posting this here because I use Gearbox, but I'm wondering in general, can tones be shared across Line 6 products? For example, is there a way for someone to use a Gearbox tone with their Spider amp? If not, does anyone have any suggestions for how two people using different Line 6 products could get similar tones for an online musical collaboration?
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