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  1. Actually I figured this out. Win 7 does not have the necessary A2DP drivers included in the generic bluetooth driver it automatically installs. I tested on my Windows 8 desktop and it connected fine with Amplifi!
  2. Has anyone had any luck with this? I can see Amplifi as a bluetooth device on my PC, but it does not show up under Sound Playback Devices as bluetooth speakers/headphones should.
  3. To answer your 3rd question - no, you don't need the app to use it as a music speaker, just connect using bluetooth from your device or the aux in.
  4. chetp0406

    Aux In

    Same problem here.
  5. So, I just got the Amplifi 75 today, and everything works great - the bluetooth audio is pretty impressive and the bass and eq can be adjusted using equalizer on my android phone. However, when I connect the same android phone or the TV to the aux in, the output just sucks, like the volume is low, and everything is degenerated. Is this normal or did I get a faulty amp? Thanks much.
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