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    Matrix FR10

    Have you tried playing bass through the FR10? I'm thinking you could get a good solid tight sound with it.
  2. jnysen, I intend to send a signal from the Helix Left (mono) XLR output to the main mixer input. I'll have the master volume knob assigned only to the 1/4" outputs, which will connect to my monitors. Sounds like the phantom blocker is insufficient for my XLR output because I can't, in every situation, be sure the phantom is off before plugging in. Can you please recommend specific units that meet your stated criteria for a fully balanced isolation transformer? I would probably buy two units or a dual unit just so that I have a backup in case one fails at some point. Thanks for your help!
  3. Thanks, PunkyBoy. That is good use of plexiglass, especially making it a little taller and wider than the Helix screen. The Helix screen is very different from the HD500 screen, so I am wondering how plexiglass and other solutions impact your visibility of the Helix screen and scribble strips in low light, indoor light, and sunlight. Anyone with other experience / recommendations? Thanks for your help!
  4. I don't have my Helix yet, so need advise from those of you who have gigged with one. What are you using to protect the Helix screen and scribble strips? I know that we could cut down a tablet screen protector and stick on there, but wondering if anti-glare would be better for outdoor gigs without making the screen too dark for bars/clubs? Also wondering if there are more durable options that anyone has used to prevent the screen from being cracked if there is impact (drunk lady with heels tries to step over the Helix in order to get to the mic because she thinks she can sing (yes, that has happened before). Plexiglass, something else? I want to protect the screen without ruining the visibility in various lighting environments. Thanks for your help!
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