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  1. If there is no other way to fix this, i will return the LT which i just purchase about 3 weeks ago to the retailer.
  2. I have tried updating over and over again using different pc and laptop also reseting the Helix LT everytime it finished the update. I even tried out my luck by installing all the available firmware in the Line 6 updater which is the 2.20 firmware until the latest 2.54 firmware. But the outcome is still the same functionality problem. Almost all of the Footswitch not working as it should. Could it be the original out of the box version 2.12.2 Helix LT firmware is too old and not compatible with the latest available update?.
  3. I have done updating by downloading and installing the latest HX Edit 2.52 and the results are disappointing. After finished updated my Line 6 Helix LT it has been corrupted. There are some buttons that are not responding as usual. Such as FS-FS7 (Up/Down), FS2, FS5, FS8, FS11, Tap/Tuner, and Mode. Now FS3 and FS9 will skip 1 preset every time one of them is pressed. Overall, all Footswitch no longer works as it should and the functionality of the unit has been corrupted totally after updated with the 2.53 Helix LT Firmware!. I have already send a support ticket for this issues. Very shocked and dissapointed with the update.
  4. Hi folks.. I just bought a Helix LT which has 2.12.2 Firmware. How do i upgrade to the the lastest 2.52 Firmware without installing Helix Editor that support this firmware. FYI i didnt install any Helix Editor because of the firmware of my Helix LT is already outdated and there is no Helix Edit available for download that can run with 2.12.2 Firmware anymore. Had to do the upgrade in order to load the latest custom tones into the Helix LT. Appreciate it if there is any simple steps to solve this issue. Thx.
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