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  1. I love mine, too. Great multieffect and great editing tool. All amps model are not 100% equal to the original sounds but it is possible to use most of them and tune them to make them sound very close to the originals. So I think this is the future but a few updates have to be done for making this tool the best: - There should be a way to test the sound without a guitar plugged in in order to edit the sounds and the effects on the app offline. - There should be a computer version to be able to edit this on a bigger screen. There are limitations of using a ipad - There should be a way to enter the tempo by a number not only using tap. - There should be more tuning options for the wah pedals. - Pedal volume is almost like switch. There should be a way to tune the response curve (ie non linear) More amps, more effects please Thanks. This is a lot of fun
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