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  1. Hello, thanks for replying. Yes I can see that on page 49. The reason why I want to assign FS4 is because I purchased a preset that when pressing FS4 some settings change. Please see the screenshot of the footswitch assignment attached. Im setting CC#52 on the MC6 editor and its value to "0" (zero) When I save the changes and press the "A" switch on the MC6 the HX Stomp displays the following message " Analog Bypass! Press any switch. Im not sure what i'm doing wrong.
  2. Hello, I currently own a Morningstart MC6II and a HX Stomp. I would like to assign the A and B switches from the MC6 as footswitch F4 and F5 but cant seem to make it work. Any Idea how I can accomplish this? what do i need to change on the Hx stomp to make it work. The morningstar MC6 is connected to the Hx stomp using a midi cable (Midi In input on the Hx Stomp) not on the EXP 1/2 FS 4/5 input. Thank you in advanced
  3. Here you go: Gator GK-2110 Gig Bag for Micro Controllers (22.5" x 11.5" x 4") https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002GL7ZO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_YAzZCbPEZ62WZ I purchased this one for my hd500x.
  4. Thank you Eemelamsi and hurghanico I found a video online that explains what you suggested (sorry the video is in spanish) Now since I'm able to connect 1 external pedal and control it from within the POD HD500x, how would I connect 2 or 3 more pedals? like a distortion and reverb?
  5. Hi, Im fairly new to this and wanted an advise from the experts. I just bought a Boss overdrive that would like to use along with my POD HD500x but have no idea how to set it up (where do I plug it on my POD?). I've been searching the web but can't seem to find a tutorial or instructions. Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you
  6. Do you mind sharing the link of the video? Thank you
  7. Thanks for your comments, if I were to buy a different amp what amp would you recommend me to be able to get the best out of the HD500x? my budget is around 350 dollars. Thank you
  8. By any chance did you used the POD HD 500x with this amp? would you be able to advise me what settings should i set the amp to get the most out of my POD HD 500x?
  9. Hi all, I currently own a POD HD 500x and a Fender Mustang III V2. I was wondering if anyone here in the forum have use these 2 together. I need and advise to be able to get the best result. Should I use the 4 cable method? also what settings should I set the amp to get the best out of my POD HD pedal board. Thank you
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