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  1. Dude, you may have saved my Amplifi experience! I was just about to bail and trade this frustrating Amplify 75 in for something else. Just couldn't handle the "every 2 minute" disconnect problem. I love this Amplifi amp/tone idea and when it works its magic, but just so rarely stays connected. With nothing to lose, I changed the settings in my iPad as per your suggestion, and have been "disconnection-free" for hours. That has NEVER happened and can't be a coincidence. I find it discouraging that since the success or failure of this technology for Line 6 (since they do not offer a direct wired connection option) rests solely on Bluetooth connectivity (and it appears that it just doesn't work with their app), and with so many people having so many problems for SO LONG, that they haven't come up with a solution yet. I mean, your suggestion is a year old and I just happened to stumble across it!! So thanks for that. But who knows, it may not last and I'll be trading in anyway. Would love to know if you have had continued success and what your experience has been since your last post?
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