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  1. Hello! I have the same problem as in adagosto. Firmware Version 2.50.2 I followed the instructions but I just can get it to save. I'm trying to save "No Amp" in Bank 1, preset A. I have the settings all dialed in, I hold down the Tone button for a few seconds, it eventually will start blinking. At this point I'm supposed to press the Tone button repeatedly until I move the light to the place I want it, A, B, C or D. Then press and hold the Tone button for 2 seconds. Well in my case, while the light is blinking, the moment I press the Tone button to pick a new preset to save to, the tone changes, as if it was not blinking in the first place. Regardless of where the light is, A, B, C or D, I cannot save my presets to any of them. When this problem will be solved ??? I want to turn on the device after playing with my customized sound, but I can not do it!
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