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  1. markus765

    Internals of Variax 500

    There have been 2 different re-calibration methods posted. If you look at my query on it, you should find both. One worked for me, the other didn't.
  2. I've reset the firmware, and downloaded new presets into the custom presets with it.
  3. I use a POD XT Live to connect my 500 to my computer. So, yes.
  4. I probably can't afford it, but a PM is on the way.
  5. Hi Lee, did you sell this?
  6. I just follwed the directions, and it worked like it should. I'm really glad there were no hiccups with it. Now I need to spend some time with the guitar straight into the P A, so I can get a handle on it, without having to figure out the XT Live at the same time. Baby steps. There are SO MANY choices!
  7. I got the proper cable, I got the XT Live, downloaded Monkey & Workbench, went thru the process of refreshing the firmware, & calibrated the Model Select controls. SUCCESS!!!! I'll be spending the rest of the day in my music room, learning how to operate all this stuff. MUCHO thanks for the help!
  8. I have to wait until I get a dongle, or the XT Live. I just ordered the cable from Amazon, so I'm one step closer. :)
  9. Thanks! Once I get an XPS cable, I'll do this.
  10. Where do I find the calibration intructions? I don't see it in the manual or service manual.
  11. That makes a lot of sense! I was sure there were different settings when I got it, and now there aren't. Having to calibrate it makes all kinds of sense. I haven't replaced it with the new one yet, I'll wait until it can be looked at by someone who knows what he is doing, reflash the firmware, and see where we stand.
  12. I bought the guitar from a young man for $100.00. He knew it had problems and told me so, but didn't know what was wrong. I can't fault him at all, he was up front with me. I took a chance. I'm hopeful the firmware can be reflashed & it will be OK. I've worked on guitars for years, and this one plays well now that the neck has been adusted & the action and intonation is set. I could easily keep it by the couch & use it as a practice guitar while watching TV, so I don't consider it a loss, just a learning experience. I put it in the closet for the moment, because if it's in front of me I'll keep messing with it, and not knowing how it works, I may do more damage than good. When the guy local to me has some time, we'll get it plugged in and see what happens.
  13. I thought the same way, if part of it's working, then it's probably not a fried board. I don't have any way to access the online, and I really can't afford to be buying anything at the moment, so I'm stuck for the time being. I have a line on a Pod XT Live, which I plan on getting, but that will probablly be next month.
  14. Hi Charlie, This guitar didn't come with anything other than the guitar itself, so I have no way of plugging it in. There is someone local to me that has one, so when he has time in Feb, we will see what we can do. I really hope it's as simple as you say, but I'm usually not that lucky. :(
  15. Well, I finally had a chance to sit down with this and plug it into an amp for a while. It seems I'm only getting one sound, regardless of where the selector switch is set, and it cuts out after it's turned past "Special". I have a feeling this has a major issue I am not going to be able to figure out on my own. I was really excited to get this, but since it seems that there isn't a repair place anywhere near me, and a scarcity of parts, I think it's going to be relegated to the closet until I find someone who can help fix it, or who will take it off my hands.