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  1. Just tried to update my Amplifi_150 from 2.50.2 to 2.60.0 today. Used the same PC and USB cable I have used for previous updates. Selected the firmware from the remote server, acknowledged the license acceptance, and started the update. Within a few seconds it went from "Updating" to "Update Failed". Recycled the power only for the four tone LED's to start flashing and my SB MII pedal board to lockup. Downloaded the update file. Recycled the Amp while pressing the Tone and Tap buttons together. Attempted to update from the local file option. Exact same response. Tried to upload the previous version (2.50.2) same problems. Tried to use another computer. Exact same problems. I managed to connect my Ipad Air via Bluetooth. Attempted to update to 2.60.0. Update crapped out. Attempted to upload previous 2.50.2 firmware. This appears to be uploading but very slow progress. Can we deduce from this that V2.60.0 is corrupted?? The file I downloaded locally, using Google Chrome and not Microsoft Edge, claims to be only a few hundred kbits in size. If this upload of 2.50.2 is successful but all my patches are gone I will be somewhat pissed. Regards Nidge
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