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  1. Sup guys, I know many of you have probably seen a million posts like this but Id like to get as much input as humanly possible for learning purposes and to know if Im doing anything wrong. Okay so first off I started building a small home studio and I just swapped my hd500x for a hd pro x because I wanted to be a all in one desk studio with nothing blocking my chair as the hd500x would do. Anyway, Im extremely new to recording but I have a pretty good understanding gear wise and software wise. Currently Im running the hd pro x to the two balanced inputs on the back of my AI and then running two balanced, one to each monitor. The AI i have is a focus rite saffire pro 14 and two m audio bx5's and I'm also using Studio One 3 for my DAW. now Ive spent countless hours making my own tones and when direct monitoring them they sound as close to the sound in my head, but when recording (in the DAW i have the saffire as the sound card) it picks up all this feedback and muddiness and even trying to begin mixing from there seems impossible (also I'm even more new to mixing so its pretty much trial and error for me). Id love any feedback / tips I could get on what to do or what not to do or to switch certain thing in my set up so on and so forth, or If i need additional gear, you name it. Also running all on a Mac pro. thanks and I enjoy hearing some great tips