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  1. Is there no way to see how they programmed the preset effects? There are some with a slight tweek it's exacly my "sound". I've tried using the Spider Edit but just not the the same Can Spider Edit "see" the preset settings and I can copy / mod / save to the users banks?
  2. I play in a small room with my Spider iV-75 and it can get loud. I bought the foot pedals and found that I get greater volume control off the pedal. Put the pedal full down and tune the master volume on the amp to very loud then push the petal to silence and find my happy volume place. Also I found if you don't have good mater volume set the you may not get full effect of the setting your playing. E.g My Strat still sounds twangy on a really heavy distortion setting
  3. I'm trying to play leads over a recorded quick loop track. The volume of the quick loop records at the same volume of the channel preset making it hard the hear the lead. I've read a bunch of posts and it seems that channel volume is the only setting that might help this. (If the Master volume was not to change) So I was to play the lead and the rhythm (quick loop) on the same preset there is no way to make one louder than the other. Do I need to create a 2nd preset (rhythm) where the channel volume is ... say ... 50% of the original use it for the quick loop recording and play leads on the "original" preset? -KK-
  4. New to a lot of this ... When I have my MKII pluged into my Macbook and the Spider iV-75 pluggd into the MKII board I cannot control the Amp via the foot board. The foot boards display is showing MIDI values (which change as I press buttons or slide the pedal) Is this normal? Meanig I can't play guitar, adjust setting in Spider4 Editor and use the pedal at the same time? If the Board can be programmed to trigger extern al MIDI events on my Computer, it doesn't seen right? -KK-
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