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  1. Ah, interesting, I assumed it just wasn't working on iOS 14 after trying on my USB-C iPad Pro. However, prompted by your post, I just tried on my lightning iPhone 7+ and it's working fine with the FBV and CCK on iOS 14. I'm not sure if that's good or bad news, but good to know anyway.
  2. Someone mentioned this on the Audiobus forum that the FBV was not working on iOS 14. I tried mine and found the same. A real shame, I don’t think there’s anything Line 6 can do, I guess it may or may not come back in a future iOS (as happened before). I use mine pretty much exclusively with a Yamaha ud-bt01 Bluetooth adapter (and a usb battery). I can confirm that does work in iOS 14.
  3. I've just been trying Pod Farm 2 in a few combinations with different DAWs. I've gone back to using the standalone version with Bitwig 3. Works really well. The AU version works well in Roland Zenbeats, but you can't get any midi control.
  4. I asked Line 6 support if they could make the iOS Touch OSC template for DT amp control available, it seems the original link has been dead for some time. Happily they’ve restored the original V2 firmware page and the associated download links are active once again. https://line6.com/dtv2update/
  5. Solved this. I don't know what the problem was, but I remade the patches in Line 6 Edit from scratch with everything connected. The new patches work perfectly and the Wah sounds as it should. On the way I discovered the V2 firmware options and DTeditOSX, lost a few hours there marvelling at all the possibilities = strange to me that Line 6 never updated the DT25 Pilot's guide to include all the extra amp models and control options. Then I discovered the 2019 Helix 2.8 firmware update that improves Helix compatibility with the DT amps.... oh dear, is this ever going to end??
  6. Hello I find myself here after a passing conversation in a ukulele shop about alternate tunings on a Variax 500... first I bought an HD500 to access Workbench... then a DT25 to connect to the Hd500 and, all of a sudden, I find myself with a Dream Rig (if the ancient Variax counts). I have to say I'm delighted after years of playing through headphones and studio monitors, I think the DT25 is my number one favourite object. Anyway, I'm having a small problem with the Wah from the HD500. When I have the pre Amp turned on in the HD500 the wah makes a very strange digital grumbling noise. When I turn the pre off then the wah sounds as it should. Can anyone offer me some advice on this please? I've followed the Line 6 Link instructions to make my patch, my chain is Wah>None>None>Distortion>Pre amp>Mod>Delay. I'm a long time Line 6 user, very pleased to have found this particular corner of the Forums, any wisdom much appreciated.
  7. Amazing - I can confirm that the FBV MkII Shortboard is indeed working again in iOS 9.3., this has been my major ongoing iOS obsession since it stopped working in ios7 and I never expected it to recover functionality. I guess now I'll be praying it stays with every future update. I did have it working with a Kenton USB midi host and midi cable, then over Bluetooth with a Yamaha md-BT01 (the 5pin midi one attached to the Kenton) and finally over Bluetooth with a Yamaha Ud-bt01 (with a battery pack). I'm very happy with this last wireless solution, but it's been a whole lot of head scratching and cash spending to be able to do what a simple cable can now once again do. To anyone wondering, the FBV is a fantastic iOS controller, I currently have it setup to control Infinite Looper (top row), Bias FX (middle row and pedal) and Loopy HD (bottom row)
  8. Hello again Since ios7 the FBV shortboard MKII stopped working with my iPad (with powered hub & CCK). This was a great shame as, for me, it was the perfect controller for JamUp and Loopy. Happily, I've got it working again (with iOS9 and ipad3) using a Kenton USB Midi Host. Not cheap at around £80, I paid half that for a rare second hand one, but now I have it working again I feel it was well worth it. It does require a 5V power source, the battery pack I use to power my USB hub has 2 outputs, so that was easily solved. Hope that's of use to someone.
  9. Hello, I think I started this thread and then abandoned all those who followed.... sorry for that. The reason I've found my way back here is because I have had a lot of painless pleasure using an FBV Shortboard MKII with an iPad 2 ios6. So much so, that I've just picked up an FBV Express MKII as a slightly smaller setup. BUT, the FBV Express MKII shows absolutely no sign of working. It powers on (via powered USB hub), but the iPad shows no sign of recognising it after plugging it in every order imaginable. Reading scraps of info elsewhere, at least one person reports the Express working in IOS5 and another that the Shortboard does not work in IOS7. In my setup (back in IOS6 / Ipad2) I have a Tascam IU2 audio interface (into USB hub) which needs to be plugged in in a very specific order to work properly, but the FBV shortboard is very unfussy, I can plug it in and out of the hub whatever the iPad is doing and it always registers and works straight off. If anyone can provide any hope or advice for the Express then it would be appreciated. As an alternative, I can recommend the Logidy UMI3 for Loopy, but the switches are no good for toggling effects in JamUp or Amplitube (they don't 'latch' in IOS though they will on Mac/PC with utility software running). It does have an expression pedal input as well which I have used to control the Wah in JamUp. What I find perplexing is surely there is someone at Line 6 with an iPad who is interested in App control? Why can't they be more forthcoming with information, even if it's bad news?
  10. Hello Just wanted to follow up a post from february asking about using an fbv mkII foot controller with an ipad. I use one and it's fantastic. I use it with a powered hub (battery powered with an iPhone type usb rechargeable battery pack). With a camera connection kit it seems very reliable. I use it with JamUp Pro for guitar effects and for controlling Loopy HD. It also works well with Amplitube. The FBV mkII has always been great for me for its versatility (great with Reason), but this has made it even better and helped remove the computer element from my rig... Almost.
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