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  1. Bradsuth

    Best speakers for Helix at home

    Thanks so much for that. I spoke to a guitar shop here in the UK that has a digital music department and the guy there recommended Alto TS310s. I find the response of studio monitors to be a little inadequate so I am going to check out FRFRs.
  2. Bradsuth

    Best speakers for Helix at home

    I have been using stock, downloaded and my own edited presets.
  3. Bradsuth

    Best speakers for Helix at home

    I only use my Helix at home but I am disappointed at the sound going through my power am + cab, and my KRK RP5s are a little disappointing too, especially on the power level. Anybody any recommendations? I want a good stereo sound.
  4. Bradsuth

    Editing a preset on a PC

    Does anybody know if presets on software such as Pod Fram or Helix can be downloaded to the Spider V amps?