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  1. Ok thanks. Will dive into that. I assume I can look at each patch and get those parameters matched as close as possible through all patches?
  2. This topic is the closest I found to my problem and sorry if its hijacking but I am staying on topic................ When I change patches some of my patches are blaring and I have to turn it down on the amp itself. I saw a post above that mentioned having to even the volumes out between do you do this? POD HD 500.........when your jamming along to a track it sux to have to change the volume right in the middle. Thanks
  3. Well Silverhead has proven himself a valuable resource here because that's exactly what it was. I changed it to pre, started a quick clean loop, hit stop, disengaged the loop button and changed patches. The clean loop stayed clean and I laid down a blistering metal solo over it! At least that's the way I hope to be one day ha! Worked perfect Silverhill, thanks for your help ðŸ‘ðŸ¼ðŸŽ¸ðŸ¤˜ðŸ¼
  4. Aah ok thanks for the super fast reply. I will give it a shot real quick and let you know ðŸ‘ðŸ¼
  5. Hello again guys. I found the answer or the how to in a thread on here but still having issues. I start a clean channel loop and have it playing. I then want to change my tone to solo over the loop. When I select a new tone the clean sound that is looping changes to whatever new tone I select. Below are the instructions I am following....... what you want: - select the preset for the backing chords - engage the Looper. Put it in POST mode. Select Full/Half speed depending on the duration of your chord progression - start playing your chord progression. When you are comfortable with the flow of it, hit the REC/OCERDUB switch at the start of the beat/progression - hit the PLAY/STOP switch at the end of the progression Now the recorded loop begins playback. If you want to change presets to play the lead solo, hit the Looper switch again to disengage it. Select your new preset. While you are doing this the recorded loop continues playback. Now: - simply play/practice your lead solo over the loop. If you don't want to record the solo - you're done Now everything works until I change presets. Any advice is appreciated and thanks in advance. SMOOVE
  6. Thanks for the direction guys. I went straight into my FX in on my DT and bam! Got drums :) So decided to try the plug on my iPhone by playing you tube backing tracks and it plays that too! Awesome! I gotta stop at some point because 0330am comes quick for work but this is awesome! Lol
  7. Awesome! Alright , I'll give it a shot tonight.
  8. Yeah its a DT 50/25 head with a line 6 slant 4x12 cab
  9. Ok so how should I go about doing this? Or am I out of the hunt as long as I'm using the L6 link?
  10. Ok I have not tried the headphone trick or the FX return. Thanks for the advice and I will give it a go tonight after work. Hope to report back with success. It is a used unit but absolutely without a blemish so I hope its nothing internal. Thanks again BTW I am hooked up using L6 Link
  11. Hello, Just got a POD HD 500 off ebay and working my way through it. Downloading tones and saving them with just a little trouble here and there.I have a Boss DR 550 MK II Dr. Rhythm that I have hooked up to the MP3/CD line in on my POD. I cannot get any sound. My question is, is there any specific setting I have to have setup to be able to get this to work? The most I've found is just plug it in and go. All I want to do is play along with it. Thanks for any guidance Smoove
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