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  1. Brought the guitar back and tomorrow I already got a replacement. So I'm picking it up next week and let you know the result. Hopefuly this one is without errors.
  2. Got a message today from Line 6. Tried their solution but nothing. I'm bringing the guitar back tomorrow and hope I get a replacement. Thx for trying to help you all.
  3. Ok I'll try this, this evening. But when just playing straight in the amp with a jack cable it gives me no sound either. But if I follow your lead it can be that I changed settings through the pod and they remain even if disconnected?
  4. I do hope this gets settled quickly. Was looking forward so much for this guitar...
  5. Getting sound from the mag pickups without battery isn't that normal? I thought that was the whole idea you could still play guitar when you run out of juice?
  6. Nothing, pulled the knob off and back on, tried it without the knob. Did reflash, copied the settings from workbench to the guitar. The knob lights up but no sound.....
  7. Hmm ok. SO I just pull off the knob in straight up pull. I don't have to unscrew the panel behind to reach it somehow?
  8. It plays without battery when jacked into the pod doesn't?
  9. Hi, just bought a Variax Standard today. When I came home I plugged it in my Pod hd500x and started exploring the models. Trying some patches and so on. Then all of a sudden when using the models no more sound??? Already did a flash reinstall, but still nothing. When i push the knob it's lid but no sound. Not with the variax cable, not with a jack-cable. Anyone any ideas? Did I change a setting without knowing? Kind regards, Tom
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