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    Help with Preset Songs

    Hi chicago43055 Yes, it is easy to misunderstand the reference to 'songs' in the manual - I did myself to start with. But there are no songs (ie pre-recorded music) in your Spider IV amplifier. What is referred to as songs in the manual are only preset guitar sounds of famous songs.
  2. Note lists with Spider IV Artists, Songs and User presets for download To be able to provide an overview of the presets in my Spider IV 75 amp I have made a presets lists, on which there can be noted information about the various presets. The User presets with the supplied preset content are part of this list. Furthermore I have made an empty User presets list, where it is possible to specify your own content. These two lists can be downloaded as PDF files. An Excel file that contains both these lists can also be downloaded if you want to make your notes on the computer. Spider IV presets_PSC-Layout.pdf Spider IV blank user presets_PSC-Layout.pdf Spider IV presets_PSC-Layout.xlsx
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    Note lists with Spider IV Artists, Songs and User presets

    Thanks for the positive feedback. I have worked as a technical writer for many years, so I ought to be able making this kinds of work ;)