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  1. I had same problem. Stuck at 50% overnight. In the morning, i tried closing updater and reopening it, but it wouldn't find anything. So I tried the posted advice: If the update process stucks (...more than 30 minutes), turn off the Heilx, reinstall Helix2.8Edit(including the drivers) and start the update again. That should work. Above worked. Not sure if I really had to reinstall 2.8 Edit. Thanks everyone! Kevin
  2. Thanks to all your responses, even the snarky ones :P Good points raised about the life of the LCD. I know that most electronic devices have a rated on/off lifespan. I do use it everyday, but really just a few hours at a time, but yeah, it does get hot. There are some folks who feel with PC components/circuitry, constant on/off shortens its lifespan.
  3. Similar to the discussion for computers...do you leave your unit on? It does get a bit off after a while. The power supply is built in, not a separate power block. Any thoughts?
  4. I was playing around with the looper. Somehow I ended up adding a looper block to the end of the signal chain for every preset. I've played around with global settings and footswitches, but can't get rid of the looper for every preset, only one at a time. I know I can do a hard unit reset as well. Thanks!
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